Jazz concert at The Attic draws a crowd

The jazz ensemble and repertory jazz band played a concert at The Attic in Livingston on Nov. 4 with over 75 people attending, said band director Garrett Stannard.  Guest educator musician Erica von Kleist of Whitefish helped the bands rehearse for several days leading up to the performance, which is part of their musical coursework.  Von Kleist attended the New York Julliard School of Music, which Stannard said is one of the top three jazz education schools in the world.

Students in these ensembles rehearse twice a week in a zero hour class before school, and this two-hour concert was one of their public performances.

Max Favor and Jake Stringer play the saxophone at The Attic Nov. 4. Photo by Alex Sienkiewicz.
Josephina Vermillion on saxophone and Charles Vermillion on trumpet perform in the jazz band at the Attic. Photo by Alex Sienkiewicz.
Band director Garrett Stannard speaks to the band during their concert at The Attic. (Alex Sienkiewicz)
Fiona Shinn plays the saxophone with Jake Stringer on the left and Simon Coleman on the keyboard. (Alex Sienkiewicz)