Salad bar gone missing! What’s up with that?


Laine Sanders

First farm to school Friday lunch featured Penne with Felton sausage, cookie and bread.

Laine Sanders, Geyser staff writer

    You may have noticed that the salad bar disappeared from the lunch room after the first few weeks of school. What’s up with that? As with many inconveniences in our world right now, it comes down to staffing shortages. Usually, the district employs 16 staff members working in the kitchen, but Food Services director Michelle Carter said they only have 10 or 11 staff currently.  “We don’t have any cashiers or a dishwasher,” she explained. The school has been trying to recruit new staff members but hasn’t had much luck due to pay. Once more staff members are hired, the first thing they will get back is the salad bar, but for now they are serving a small packaged salad so kids can still have some. 

     Carter has been trying to get more fresh meals to serve at lunch. Every Friday, the cafeteria serves a fresh meal called Farm Fresh Fridays. Our school is in partnership with the farm to school program.  They use local Felton beef and produce from the school gardens including about 80 pounds of lettuce, local tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables.

Food service director Michelle Carter helps students check out at lunch on the first farm fresh Friday. (Laine Sanders)

   This last year they started serving free meals for kids. How? The USDA approved a grant nationwide saying that kids 18 and under can have free breakfast and lunch. Due to staff shortages the middle school isn’t getting hot lunch. They are getting sack lunches.  

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