Student Council Campaigns Open Up This Week at Park High


Kate Lende

Student council members prepare a video announcement March 5 to kick off “back to school” week.

The time has come once again for Park High’s student body to come together and determine the future of our school for the following year through the highly anticipated Student Council Election. Candidates were given the opportunity to take to the floor with their electoral speeches during  A and B group assemblies on March 1 and 2.

Representatives briefly foreshadowed their call to action by mentioning intentions to incite positive changes within our school, as well as discuss the need for a greater representation of the student body when it comes to planning school activities such as dances, homecoming, and even blood drives. Official voting dates are set to take place March 8 and 9 during both lunches.

Although PHS does not yet have elected representatives for the 2020-2021 school year, members have still made significant progress on issues they are passionate about. A few of Student Council’s most recent successes include improving council election bylaws for coming years, as well as organizing an exciting spirit week to welcome students back this week.

Dress up days for the week of March 8-12 are as follows:

Monday, March 8th: Carnival Day

Tuesday, March 9th: Dress like your Pet Day

Wednesday, March 10th: Career Day

Thursday, March 11th: Formal Dress Day

Friday, March 12th: No School; Blood Drive (10:00am-2:30pm)

**All students interested in donating blood must sign up in the main office at PHS. Any students under the age of 16 must have a signed waiver with their parents signature, and those who are 18 can sign up themselves without a guardian’s signed permission.

Summer Melin is running for Student Council President. (Molly Cunningham)
Sydney Denniston is running for Student Council President. (Molly Cunningham)
Annika Coleman is running for Student Council President. (Molly Cunningham)
Rose Fanuzzi is Student Council Treasurer. (Molly Cunningham)
Ilana Patberg is Student Council Secretary. (Molly Cunningham)