Ranger Clinic moves into the conference room

The Ranger Clinic is moving into the PHS conference room with hopes of making healthcare more accessible to Park High students. Construction on the new clinic is expected to be completed by May 20 and will officially open next school year. 

Park High received a grant from the hospital through AMB West Philanthropies to expand the health services at Park High. The grant is being used to create a new space for the school nurse Holly Sienkiewicz and Paula Coleman who runs the Ranger Clinic. 

The current Ranger Clinic space is shared with the PHS trainer and coaches, so it is not truly a private space. “The new space will be more secure, more clean, and I think that will be a better environment for students’ overall healthcare,” said Coleman. 

The shared space is occupied by the trainer in the afternoons and Coleman cannot see patients during this time. “I really think it would be beneficial to have some after school hours for students who do not want to miss class,” Coleman said. Having a separate space for the Ranger Clinic will allow Coleman to treat patients after school. 

The grant provided by the hospital is also being used to hire a part time clinical psychologist to work with PHS students. “This will help get services to students more efficiently and effectively while also making services financially accessible,” said Ardis Steinmetz, Park High guidance counselor. 

“I am hoping that by having a clinical psychologist in the school, it will remove some of the stigma about receiving mental health help,” said Park High guidance counselor Abby Kinsey.