Good samaritans choose to help out those in need

This holiday season, there are several ways to give back to the community through charities and donations.

The Angel Fund began ten years ago with just 10 students but has grown into an annual fundraiser that supports many students and families. This year, the fund is being run by PHS secretaries Donna Fairchild and Melissa Cahoon. “We never imagined it would be something this big when we started it years ago,” Cahoon said.

With local shopping being limited since Shopko closed, Fairchild and Cahoon are taking students, each with a $100 gift card, to Target in Bozeman on Dec 18. Donations for the fund come from parents of students, local organizations, and community members. The students then have an opportunity to purchase new clothes and shoes. “We always make sure they get clothes, shoes, and things they need first, and then if they have money left over, they can use it for something fun,” Cahoon said.

There are several families with younger siblings. Wrapped gifts were brought to Park High School by community members and will be handed out to the children in time for the holidays.

The remaining funds will be used to aid students throughout the year with necessary items such as athletic clothing, shoes, and hygiene products. This gives students the opportunity to participate in school events and activities.

Another way to get involved this holiday season is through Livingston’s Annual Community Christmas Dinner. This is a free public event at the Park County Fairgrounds where everyone is invited. The Community Christmas Dinner will be held on Dec. 25 from noon to 2 p.m. To aid in the success of this event, you can volunteer your time or make a food donation. Money donations will also be accepted at the First Interstate Bank.

Along with these charities, donations can be made to the Livingston Food Pantry, the Shane Lalani Center for the Arts, and the Community Closet. Charities are a great way to give during the holidays.