Hunting season starts with a bang


Jill Rigler and her father, Ryan, pursued this six-point bull elk for three miles before securing their trophy on opening weekend of rifle season.

Dustin Rigler, Staff Writer

The opening weekend of hunting season was successful for some, but many did not have as much luck. Angel Sherdahl claimed a buck on this particular weekend this year. Scott Tatum went out hunting with the Riglers. They got up at four in the morning to go saddle horses and be at the trailhead first. They went hunting with the Riglers’ relatives. Both of the kids that went hunting dropped a bull, but Scott and his crew weren’t able to get anything that weekend. 

Opening weekend is a hard time to go out and get an animal because everyone else is going to be out hunting. Places sometimes get over crowded with hunters and animals get chased all over the place. But also it’s only two days of the five-week season so there isn’t too much drama with the animals being chased all over the place.