Men’s winter fashion: Jack’s tips for looking dapper

It’s extremely hard to write an article on fashion seeing as it’s subjective and everyone should have their own style. For this winter, with help from the legendary PHS alumnus Buddy Murphy, we’ll have you looking somewhat dapper this coming cold season.

  1.  Down coats are in. But don’t be tied down by trends, find a coat that’s you. A good and relatively cheap option is a Levi or Wrangler denim jacket. If you want to add some extra sauce get the Sherpa-lined version with the fur collar. Leave it plain or patch it out, doesn’t really matter, just make it yours.     
  1. Hoodies are a must for winter. Don’t get too fancy with these. Simple colors and simple graphics for this one. Don’t go over the top unless you’re gonna full send with an eccentric style. Secondly, don’t get a Thrasher hoodie unless you skate; it won’t be stylish when you get called out as a poser.  
  1. Get you some boots, Timberlands are in but they’re expensive and mainstream. Danners or any good looking work boot will work, or if you’re feeling like a real cowboyget some new cowboy boots from Murdochs. If you’re feeling stubborn, stick with some fresh Vans or with some more expensive Yeezys or designer shoes. 
  1. You’re going to need a good beanie for the cold days coming up, plain black or dark colors like dark green, navy or burgundy are the move. 
  1. When it comes to accessories it’s ultimately up to personal taste; designer backpacks are in but minimalist style is, too. Sunglasses that fit you right and a scarf and gloves that match your outfit are optional sauce.  
  1. It’s No shave November fellas; throw away your razor and grow out your scruff, maybe let those locks grow out to keep your ears warm too.  
  1. Be you, don’t follow trends, break rules. Style is a personal and subjective matter. It’s all you, so be yourself and respect the drip.