I’m lovin’ it: Mac hacks from a pro

What place do eat when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, McDonald’s is the way to go. It’s considered to be the most common place where high schoolers leave to go to lunch, but what exactly catches the eye of a high school student to go to lunch at McDonald’s?

The main reason is because it’s cheap and affordable. You can get a whole meal for under $10, making it easy and fast to go get a Big Mac and enjoy it rather than eating an undesirable school lunch. This is why my friends and I go to McDonald’s just about every day for lunch. Our meals throughout the week consist of double cheeseburgers, 10 piece chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, and french fries with a large drink. We go to McDonald’s just about 2-3 times a week.

We have lunch around 11:03, so  it is usually a hit or miss, whether or not it’s super busy when we get there. Recently, it has either been completely packed or there was absolutely no one to be seen. When it’s packed, my friends and I tend to stress out a little bit, whether we are gonna have enough time to eat at the school or we’re gonna have to mow down in the car. But, when there isn’t anybody at there we get our food quick, and fast we will head back to the school and enjoy it like we’re supposed to.

There are many options for food at McDonald’s that you can get; from breakfast to dinner it can satisfy your needs.  Not only looking at the main menu, you can get secret menu items, something so special that only a select few people know about it. From the land, sea and sky burger, which is the build of a Big Mac but it has a fish fillet and a chicken patty on it as well, to even the Mccrepe, that consists of a hot cake folded with a  yogurt parfait in the middle. If you’re someone who likes to have some ketchup with your tasty french fries, get yourself some ketchup packets and rip the corner off and stick your french fry through the hole of the packet. It will give you just the right amount of ketchup on your fry. One other life hack you can try out is… if you got a burger and it came in one of the boxes, you could open it up and you could dump your fries in the empty side so it can be easy access.

It may not be the healthiest, but it’s fast and easy. There are many more secret menu items but I won’t tell you all of them, that’s for you to find out. The life hacks are limitless.