Students excited about early ski season

While most people are upset about the early snow and frigid temperatures, there are some students enjoying the weather because it means ski season is close. A few of those students are sophomores Severn Sienkiewicz, Simon Coleman, Stella Davis, and Max Stern.

Coleman is already prepping by waxing his skis and snowboard to get them ski slope ready. Sienkiewicz says “I should be exercising and getting into good shape for climbing the ridge, but I’m not.” Severn’s admitted lack of prep won’t stop Stern from dragging her up to the ridge, though, because one of his favorite memories was the snow day last year when he and a group of friends, including Sienkiewicz, went up on the ridge for some fresh powder.

Davis says “I am most excited for the freedom I can have this season,” referring to her getting older and getting a driver’s license so she can take herself and friends up to Bridger Bowl. Stern plans to begin his season by trying to learn how to do a back flip, but he would not like to break his neck in the process. 

For the excited skiers reading this article, Bridger Bowl plans to open on November 23, 2019. This opening date is about three weeks earlier than last year’s opening date, which was December 8.