Who is Cliff from CSCT?

Sydney Booth, Student Writer

Many people probably have never heard of CSCT, or if you have, you don’t know what it is. CSCT is an organization run by L’esprit. It is a safe place for students to be able to go when they are struggling with mental health issues.

Cliff Ingledew is one of the behavioral specialists in CSCT who helps out students on a daily basis. A behavioral specialist is a mental health professional who evaluates and helps people that have a risk of harming themselves or others.

Ingledew was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has two children currently living in Utah. His hobbies are fishing, hunting, wood working, and antiques.

Before moving to Montana, Ingledew was living in Afghanistan, working in a telecommunications position from 2004 to 2009. He was doing engineering for telecommunications on an Air Force base. He was not enlisted, and he made his own choice to go over. “I did that job for patriotism,” he stated.

After being in Afghanistan for five years he decided to come back to the United States. Ingledew then moved to Montana because he started attending MSU, majoring in architecture. He did night classes but said he wasn’t able to keep up with the curriculum.

Ingledew saw an ad in the paper for a Family Support Assistant at Youth Dynamics, and he started working there in 2011. After a while he decided he didn’t like this job anymore. Ingledew moved over to Livingston with his two dogs and heard about an organization called L’esprit. He worked there for a year and a half before he was offered the position with CSCT at Park High.

Ingledew talked about how much he loves working in CSCT, and loves all the students he gets to work with. “This is one of the most fun jobs I’ve had,” he said.