Perspicaciousness and powers of reasoning

A shallow philosophical inquiry into the role of intelligence in the halls of Park’

Tom Sargis , Staff Writer

Hey baby! I see you checkin’ me out! 4.0 GPA and A’s, A’s and some more A’s. Check out my report card, baby! Now that is somethin’ to behold.

There’s so many ways in which people perceive someone to be intelligence it’s enough to make your head roll sometimes – you got the GPAs, the SATs, the ACTs, and the red numerical score at the top of a lined sheet of paper.

I think there’s such a force on the people that wish to be seen as intelligent that they focus SO hard on the act of trying to be, that they cease to be anything. There’s something to be said for big words but there’s more to be said for a well developed idea (although more often than not you’ll need to know some big words to articulate those suckers)

IQ is really the only statistically sound measure of intelligence that exists.

and it’s not the be-all-end-all.

I think there’s a lot of people who think they’re smart as per some arbitrary measures they’ve established to be reasonable determinants of intelligence. I think there’s a lot of people who think they’re dumb because they don’t match up with what the poster on the wall says.

I think people should learn to think, and in so doing liberate themselves from the meaninglessness that comes with these senseless notions of intelligent or not.