The Odd Squad BBQ set to open in November


Photo courtesy of Gary Debban

Gary Debban is renovating the old Key Insurance building into a BBQ restaurant, to open next month.

Leinee Smith, Geyser Staff Writer

Our small town of Livingston is about to have a few more businesses. There are some new restaurants currently in the building process, including Fontana, an Italian restaurant, and The Odd Squad BBQ, which many people have already heard about after the parking lot events during the car show, and the Fourth of July parade.

The Odd Squad BBQ is being built in the old Key Insurance building. Owner, Gary Debban, is hoping to open this business and get the local community into his new restaurant by the first of November. This is the first time Debban has opened a restaurant, though this isn’t his first business. He had previously owned an automotive company in Seattle, Washington, but decided to switch to a restaurant business because he had been competing in barbecue competitions with the Kansas City Barbecue Committee for many years. The automotive shop was called the Old Squad Automotive, so him and his partner came up with the name Odd Squad BBQ for their restaurant.

Debban will be offering customers a variety of smoked barbecue including brisket, steaks, and ribs. Side dishes will include coleslaw, cornbread, baked beans, etc.

According to Debban, the building he is creating his restaurant in is a historical building, so he had to meet with the Historical Building Committee to show them his plans and get their approval. It was also previously an office building, so he had to tear down the entire inside and is now rebuilding in order to make room for a kitchen and give it the restaurant feel. Debban feels as though being a part of the restaurant industry will be challenging but is excited to share his passion of barbecue with families and friends in the community.