Guidance Office offers text services to stay updated

The Park High Guidance Office wants students and parents to sign up for Remind texting services that, as the name implies, remind the recipients of important things related to counseling in the school. According to counselor Abby Kinsey, about 75% of seniors are signed up, but only 10% of freshmen are signed up. The texting services have been used for six years.
Students can sign up for them by using the code in the weekly email or on the flyer outside the guidance office. Each class has a different code. Students who do not want the school to know their phone number can also use these because the phone numbers are confidential. Kinsey said “The only reason not to sign up is if you’re charged for texts,” but she then followed this up by explaining that students and parents can also sign up through email.
The services are also beneficial for students who have no intention of attending college. The texts not only remind students of scholarship lists and deadlines, but also remind of jobs being posted around Livingston and when recruiters, such as military recruiters, will be at the school.
Kinsey also said “Not all scholarships are for colleges, you can get scholarships for other things such as trade school.”