Seniors Win Powder Puff in Overtime



An overtime clutch touchdown by Baylee Bergsing wins the senior class a Powder Puff victory. The junior class put up a fight against the seniors and did not make it easy. Both teams had opportunities to score early on in the game but aggressive defense from each side prevented this from happening.  The senior’s strong offensive plays put the juniors in a constant scramble to keep their eye on the ball. Trick play after trick play was used by the seniors in attempt to advance down the field, but the junior’s defense held firm. Senior Ryleah Floyd commented on their strategy saying, “The game was really fun to play especially when the trick plays fooled the juniors.” Kodie Vondra, the junior’s running back, was a constant threat to the seniors with her speed and agility. The seniors struggled to take her flag and the juniors tended to gain yards every time Vondra was given the ball. Throughout the game the ball went back and forth and there was no telling who was going to win. In the end the seniors persevered and beat the juniors 6-0.