“Beauty and the Beast” show wraps up successful run


Photo by Lynnette Evanson

In this photo taken at the end of the final performance, the “Beauty and the Beast” cast expresses a variety of emotions.

Brylea Beye, Geyser Staff Writer

“We sold out most of our shows and actually the last show, there was 70 on the waiting list” says Lynnette Evanson.  Park High students collaborated with the Shane Center for this year’s play as “Beauty and the Beast”.   

Senior, Beth Hewey has participated in plays since she was six and has done at least two shows every year. “It takes quite a bit of time. Depending on your role, you could be there every night for 3 weeks from 7p.m. to 10 p.m. usually,” she said. 

Hewey says one of her favorite parts about the play is “It’s extremely cool that you become connected with the people around you and it’s truly a team due to how much you must rely on every person”.  

She gives a lot of credit to all actors that were in this show saying that “It’s impactful and a vulnerable thing to get on stage in front of your peers and allowing yourself to be someone else on stage while you are still you”.  

“It was a really popular show for the community, and they seemed to love the outfits and music along with it” says Evanson. 

Difficulties that were discussed to be during the play was the hours and feeling drained, but still having to put on a face even though you are tired. “Also, you share a lot of things back stage and you’re in a pretty close space so everyone is getting sick easily” says Hewey.  

Overall, Hewey was happy at how well the play has been going well “at the beginning, we were all into it, but over these past few weekends I just have noticed that everyone looks and shows super engaged”.