Insight into the life of a Janitor


Buddy Murphy

Park High’s Jeremia works the after school janitorial shift.

Buddy Murphy, Geyser Staff

That giggly laugh. You know who it is as soon as the sound waves bless your eardrums. He’s an enigma. When you need him, he’s there, we you don’t, he’s not.
Usually for a profile you interview the person, but PHS custodian Jeremia Fox has been so elusive that I couldn’t catch him for an interview; therefore, I can only speculate on what he would fill us in on.
While to many of you Jeremia may just be another custodian, to me, Jeremia is the hero that this school has always needed.
Earlier this year, I was in need of a projector. I asked Mrs. Wood where I could find one for a slide show I needed to present for the basketball team. She had no idea. I asked other players where to find one. No idea. Just when all hope seemed lost, there he was, my knight in shining armor. I mistook his janitorial cart for Elvis’s 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood 60. That dark green color is awfully close to a dusty pink and that odd tennis ball resembles the pink die hanging from the rearview.
“Do you know where I could find a projector?” Without a word, he led me to a tucked corner in the library that was home to a plethora of projectors.
The man known as “Jeremia” will forever be a God among men while at Park High School. Therefore, I would like to take this article to personally thank you for everything you do for us.