Senior planning to explore and impact the world

Leinee Smith, Geyser Staff Writer

This will be her first-time visiting Europe, and she will be on her own until November when her sister joins her. She is taking this opportunity to gain independent experience while learning about the Hungarian culture, as she is interested in their hot water medicine.

When she returns in the spring of 2020, Hewey will attend the University of Montana for communication and anthropology, as she is interested in learning about the different civilizations and cultures.

During her years at Park High, Hewey has formed a close relationship with English teacher Natalie Storey. “The best thing about Beth is her spirit. She is a very inspiring person. She just radiates something beautiful, and her intellect is something I find beautiful and unusual. I also think she is an extremely empathetic person for all sorts of different types of people, the Earth, and the world. She just has a big heart,” said Storey.

Hewey was a part of the Farm to School (F2S) program for two years. She interned for this program during the last two school years and for the summer as a paid intern. This year she will be a F2S camp counselor. Hewey is the first Park High pre-apprentice though the Montana Department of Labor.

“Beth is a pretty outstanding human. She is going to become something that will be for the better good of human kind. I hope she continues to challenge herself, and I hope she takes time to develop more depth of knowledge in her specific interests,” said F2S executive director, Rachael Jones.