Goodbye, Shopko. Livingston might miss you

Lukas Ridgeway, Geyser Staff Writer

As many of you all know, Shopko, the so-called “knockoff Walmart, which is also more expensive”, is going out of business and will be closing in Livingston. Not only in Livingston will Shopko be closing, but it will be shutting down stores nationwide. By the beginning of June, Shopko will be a thing of the past. Even though the not-so-thriving business was completely devoured by the other retailers, at the top of the retail food chain, Shopko still has a very special place in my heart.

Although Shopko was maybe one of the most depressing super retail stores I’ve ever been to, it was a great playground for bored, adolescent teens, who were easily amused by the smallest and dumbest things. I admit, I was one of those kids. I remember, back in my middle school days, spending hours in Shopko with my friends, throwing footballs across the aisles and lounging around on the endless amount of La-Z-Boy chairs. As the reckless and energy filled group of middle school boys rampaged through the store, sometimes we would take things too far. My most vivid memory of this happening is my friend, and senior classmate, Gibson Erickson punting a football into one of the fluorescent lights hanging above the aisles. As soon as we knew it, the 2-foot-long florescent light bulb fell from the ceiling and exploded at our feet. There are many others stories similar to this one, but for time’s sake, it would be better to move on.

Even though Shopko was a great place for us to kill our boredom, eventually, like all things, we grew apart from it. As high school started, it no longer was a place with endless fun, it was soon just another mediocre retail store. Right now, I could care less about the closing of Shopko, but it doesn’t mean that I never wanted it here in the first place, it has provided countless memories for what I’m hoping all of the kids in Livingston. So, dear Shopko, Livingston and its kids say farewell and give thanks for putting up with our shenanigans, you may be remembered.