In search of the best fries in town


French fries from Mark’s In and Out, at right, are cheap and classic, but nothing to get excited about

Dana Baskett, Editor in Chief

What is the most you’ve ever spent on fries? $5 maybe $10, if you’re really throwing down for some fancy fries. On Monday afternoon I set out on a $31.44 adventure for the best fries in town. After days of a car reeking of french-fries, I believe I have concluded my search. My runner ups all have their own qualities that set them apart. Because Mark’s just opened, I must give them a place on my list. For $1.69, they have classic fries that have a couple of options for customization. There isn’t anything outstanding about these fries, but they are cheap and classic. Another top-notch fry for a runner up is The Soup Bar. What they lack in crispiness they all but make up for in flavor. With a slightly salty, slightly cinnamony, slightly sweet flavor they are completely unique in the world of fries in this town. Gil’s fries are solid fries with a good crunch, but, for the sake of science, I ordered plain fries. Speaking from personal experience, they need cheese. Gil’s has some incredible cheese sauce that goes perfectly over hot fries. The ultimate fry. The one fry to rule them all. The Stockman has homemade fries, and it shows. They are a harmony of seasoning, crispiness, and potato flavor. The one drawback to this fluffy joy is that they cost a whopping $6! This price is worth the investment for me.