Three sport athletes juggling school and sports

Leinee Smith, Geyser Staff Writer

This year, there are a total of 26 three sport athletes at Park High. According to activities director, Regina Wood, when she first started working at Park High six years ago, there were only three students participating in three sports.

Senior Matt Netley has been participating in football, basketball, and track throughout high school. He enjoys football and track the most. He enjoys football because of “the physical part of it”, and also likes to study and watch the game while learning more about the sport. Track is also one of his favorites because of “the competitive nature of it, everything is based around beating the people around you and that’s really fun.” said Netley. He finds it difficult to take care of his body, prevent injuries, and sometimes balancing his schooling with sports.

Junior David Durgan participates in cross country, basketball, and track. His favorite is track because it has the shortest season. He feels that he is very good at focusing outside of school and finishing the things that need done. Durgan plans on continuing either cross country or track after high school, depending on where he goes to college.

Sophomore Kodie Vondra participates in soccer, basketball, and tennis. She considers basketball her main sport because she has seen so much success that pushed her to work harder at it and made her fall in love with the game. It is also something that helps her connect with her dad. She finds it hard to manage her time with school and find time for her main sport during other seasons.

Freshman Bailey Opitz also participates in soccer, basketball, and track. If she had to choose a favorite, it would be basketball. “The culture our team is building is something that I really like to be involved in because no matter if we’re winning or losing, we always were told ‘play with heart,’ and that was really important. It was also a lot of fun. We got to grow together and become a family. The coaches also put in a lot of time to make us better,” Opitz said. Her sports tend to interfere with FFA meetings and events, but she manages to make time for both.