Male Beauty Pageant returns to the stage and hilarity ensues

Brylea Beye

Park High put on a male pageant last week, but as the seniors walk onto the stage and laughter fills the room, it brings back memories of the last time Mr. PHS was hosted three years ago.  

Mcleod Versland, Gibson Erickson, Buddy Murphy, Matt Netley, River Nichols, Shane Gibson and John Waddell participated in this year’s fundraiser for BPA. These seven participants had to show the audience why they wanted to be Mr. PHS, show off their fit bodies, dancing talents, and catch the judge’s eye to who will win not only the title, but the secret prize.  

From chugging chocolate milk, choreographed dances, eating cheese balls, and my personal favorite, fitting into a suit case, these seniors made a tight decision for the judges.  

Shane Gibson ended up winning the title of Mr. PHS and the runner up was Mcleod Versland.

BPA made about $3,297 for Nationals and couldn’t be happier at the turn out of this fundraiser, said BPA adviser Reid Lende. BPA has eight students that qualified this year and are ecstatic to see how they do. Nationals are April 29th through May 5th in Anaheim, California.