Students share their spring break destinations

Mcleod Versland, Production Assistant

Spring break is a time of the year where many kids finally get time to go where they want and get a break from school. As spring break is coming up for Park High, here are destinations some students will be traveling to while everyone is gone from school.

Park High junior, Brylea Beye, will be heading to Mandan, North Dakota for her spring break. Beye and Riah Grandpre will leave on March 24 and stay for six days. Beye travels to North Dakota every year to see her father, but this year is a little special. This year spring break is close to her birthday so she will be celebrating her birthday in North Dakota.

Another student will be traveling for spring break, but he won’t be leaving the state. This student is sophomore Daniel Adams who will be going to Havre, Montana. He will be gone from Saturday March 23 until the 29. Adams will be visiting Havre for six days because his father is making him even though he would rather stay in Livingston.

Maddy Hall, a PHS junior, will be taking a spring break trip down to the warm weather in Arizona. Hall is going to Arizona with her mom for about a week starting on March 27 until April 3. The sole reason that Hall and her mother are taking the trip to Arizona is because her brother and father went to Costa Rica by themselves. Hall and her mother didn’t want to miss out on their opportunity to soak up the warm weather themselves.

Junior, Annica Estes, will be going to a very popular tourist destination for her spring break. She will be traveling to Hawaii on March 26 and will be staying for roughly one week before coming home April 3. Estes is excited for the warm weather and sunshine in Hawaii, but she isn’t looking forward to the makeup work she will have for school.

Gibson Erickson, Cole Vondra, Morgan Rosberg and Lukas Ridgeway are traveling to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The four seniors are leaving on March 20 for eight days. However, Rosberg and Vondra will be staying an extra three days. When asked about the trip, the seniors said that they have always dreamt of going on a trip together with no adult supervision, and this was finally their opportunity.