On and Off the Court…literally


Brylea Beye, Reporter

 Battling one Sport is tough enough, but for Abby Kokot and Ryleah Floyd this is nothing new. Both girls decided to join the Track team and are on the Club Volleyball team for Park High. The girls seem to be handling it well having Track practice 5 times a week from 3:45-5:30, and adding volleyball practice only once a week from 6-7:30. “The longer nights with double practices can be tough when you end up getting home and still have to do homework, but the full outcome is the best part” Ryleah Floyd says. 

For Kokot, this is her first year deciding to do both. “I love volleyball and am so passionate about it. Any chance I get to play I’m all for it” Kokot says. They added it was a great way to stay in shape.  

Floyd says she has been doing both activities since Middle School and had Softball added to the list, but once Highschool athletics began she had to pick only 2. “Since my injury last year, I really think it’s important to put as much time and effort into all of my sports and only have so much time left” Floyd adds.  

Floyd and Kokot are planning on doing this again coming into their Senior year. Though they may be too old to play on the Club team, Floyd says there’s a chance she could be playing basketball and track at the same time.