New tiered diploma option being introduced


Mcleod Versland, Various Tasks and Duties/Writer

Starting with next year’s freshmen, Park High’s class of 2023, there will be a new style to the diploma being offered in Livingston. This is called a Park High School Diploma with Areas of Distinction. The new option for those upcoming students has many similarities to the current diploma requirements, but these will be modified for the students that choose this new path.
These additional requirements vary depending on the types of diplomas that students will be able to pursue. Students will be able to pursue a Diploma with Areas of Distinction in several different subjects, and each of these diplomas will require different levels of credits in each subject. In addition, students who pursue these new diplomas will need a certain GPA and 24 credits to graduate. It is expected that students will have knowledge of these types of diplomas to take the classes required and apply for the diploma in the second semester of their senior year. Also, the classes of 2021 and 2022 will be able to receive a new diploma if they meet all the requirements.
Why was this new diploma option introduced? Well, there are many reasons why this new option will be implemented, but it sprouted from the fact that Park High has been doing an internal redesign the past four years. Dr. Lynne Scalia believes that this will help students explore what they want and rule out things that aren’t appealing to them.
Another aim of the new diploma is to help recognize more students than just the students who are going to college.
One might ask if many students will choose this new option and if it will make a difference. Although no one can exactly predict the future, Dr. Scalia has high hopes for this new diploma. Scalia thinks that it could take time for this to become a popular thing, but she thinks students will realize the opportunity they will be given and take advantage of it. Whether or not it will make a difference is mainly up to the students who will be eligible for this opportunity. It is designed to help students narrow their aim towards certain interests, and it will help students prepare for their futures.