Student art funds food for kids


Herbert Hoy and Jessica Becker present check to Livingston Food Resource Center coordinator Michael McCormick.

The Livingston Food Resource Center is providing bags of food to Park High students who need extra sustenance outside of school. Food bags will be kept in teacher classrooms, so they can be accessed easily by students.

Food bags have been provided to students at Park High in the past, but it was difficult to get bags to the students that needed them because they were located in the teacher’s lounge.

Recently, Park High senior Jessica Becker and sophomore Herbert Hoy donated their artwork to the “Take to Heart the Little Art” auction coordinated by Huntzicker at Park High in December. The Livingston Food Resource Center was selected by Becker and Hoy to be the recipient of the money they raised through the auction. Together, they raised a total of $225. “I wish no one to go hungry, especially during the holidays, and to bring a bit of joy to someone’s day,” Becker said.

Michael McCormick, the Livingston Food Resource Center coordinator, and Huntzicker thought of the idea to give students access to food bags at Park High. The money raised at the art auction went towards food for the bags. The type of food available in the bags consists of cereal, oatmeal, granola bars, milk, and many more.

Teachers such as Lois Huntzicker, Becky Ayler, Caitlin Chiller, Alecia Jongeward, Kate Lende, Heidi Claar, and Sarah Mussetter have volunteered to have food bags available in their classrooms for students.

Huntzicker said, “My hope is to provide food bags to every student at Park High that could benefit from the extra food.”