A legendary day for Park High, and I’m home sick

Peyton Murphy, Geyser Staff Writer

Wednesday February 27, 2019 was the first day in three decades that the Park County School District had a snow day. With temperatures below zero and snow height reaching into multiple feet, Park decided that it was finally time to give us the day off. Now everyone in the district was beyond ecstatic about the news. But, of course on this absolutely momentous occasion, do you know where I was? Home sick.

While I was home coughing up a lung, PHS Junior, Scott Tatum, took the day to hike the surrounding area of his Paradise Valley home and spent some of the day skiing as well. And while I was wiping away the constant flow of nasal drip, PHS Senior, Beth Hewey, gave herself plenty of time to sleep in that morning. Once she woke up, she then proceeded to make herself a delicious breakfast. Once done eating she read a book and watched a movie, all cozy and safe from the harsh outside.

And I’m sure the other 415 some kids of Park High also had a wondrous winter day off from school. But of course, on this day that will surely go down in history, I was home sick and missed out on the fun. Take care of your selves this cold winter season. Make sure you don’t miss out on history like me.