Soggy shoes and slippery roads-could it get any worse?


Brylea Beye

Geyser staff member Terran Speake dives into the snow in the courtyard Monday afternoon to demonstrate how much snow has fallen.

Lily DeYoung

I start my morning by putting on my jeans, a long-sleeved shirt with a t shirt over it and my favorite pair of LeBron’s ready to conquer my Monday. I throw on my down Calvin Klein jacket and step out the door directly into a foot of snow. My sneakers are soaked, and I am sad.

I get in the car so I can get on the bus and the road from my house isn’t plowed at all so the snow is pulling our little Subaru all over the place. When the bus finally comes I have to step through the deep snow all over again and enter the smelly bus that is just as cold feeling as the outdoor temperatures.

On a normal day I would’ve driven myself in due to a Youth Ledge meeting after school but I didn’t want to sacrifice my wellbeing for a trip to school. I now have to put up with 45 minutes of dangerous conditions on the bus (including having to pass another school bus that broke down on top of a hill and a large quantity of cops with sirens blaring) just so I can get into the school five minutes before it starts.

I rush through the halls, shoes squeaking away so I can get to my 1st period Chemistry class where upon entering I learn that my teacher had slid off the road and will not be able to teach. Shortly after I learn of that there is the famous “teachers please check your emails” announcement that allows late students to enter without being tardy due to trains/ weather/ both.

As I process all of this I realize that I am freezing and learn that the heat hasn’t been on in the school all weekend. This day couldn’t get much worse until I hear the announcement “sorry to interrupt but there will be no lunch bunch today due to unsafe driving conditions.” I’m sorry, but WHAT! If the driving conditions are unsafe now and its going to snow all day how are we supposed to drive home at all!

There is already a layer of snow on top of all the cars that have recently arrived in the parking lot, and by the end of the day I don’t expect the cars to be seen at all as they will be submerged in a layer of impenetrable snow.

Why couldn’t we have had a snow day?