Don’t let a little snow get in the way


Brylea Beye

A picnic table in the courtyard is gradually disappearing in a pile of snow, Monday.

CJ Olds

I wake up to loads of snow piled everywhere, I opened the door to let my dog outside and when he went out half his body was gone. I step out the door and most of my legs were engulfed into a field of snow. There is a reason that people have snow days, this is one of them.

There are never snow days anymore as it seems. We go to school almost every day and you would think that just for one day we could relax instead of having to scrape the frost off our vehicles and cover ourselves in layers of clothing.

Every day we risk our lives by stepping into vehicles but, these days are worse. Buses are sent out during days where it’s snowing so hard, I can barely even see to get to the end of my drive way.

I think a snow day would perfect for a day like today but, education is important. We have hours and classes to fill just to graduate one day and find things we love. There are multiple reasons we should stay home and multiple reasons we should go to school. Life doesn’t always wait up for you so why should we wait up just because it snowed?