Calling a snow day would be more efficient, less dangerous


Brylea Beye

Terran Speake stands in the courtyard to demonstrate how much snow has fallen.

It is estimated that we will receive six feet of snow within the next few days. This makes it difficult for students and teachers to attend school. Many students are missing school and will have to make up the work. If that many students are not attending class, then there is no point in expecting students to be at school. Teachers will have to reteach the content that they have already taught the students that were present in school, which wastes the students’ time.  

Driving in these terrible weather conditions is dangerous, especially for students that are new drivers. Students and teachers that live further out of town have a difficult time getting to school because there is often more snow there than in town. Many teachers were also not able to get to school in the snow. If teachers are not able to attend school to educate students, then why are students required to attend? Being taught by substitutes is not as efficient, and in most classes, teachers are not covering difficult subjects because most students are absent. These problems could all be solved by having a snow day where students are not required to attend.