TNT add MORP to dance line-up for b-ball season

Terran Speake, Geyser Staff Writer

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There’s homecoming, formal, and prom, now get ready for Morp ! Park High’s very own TNT club is putting on a new dance this year and it’s called Morp.  Does this name possibly look familiar? Well, it’s just prom backwards. So instead of getting all dolled up for prom, just come in jeans and a t-shirt! No dress clothes necessary.

As a TNT member, coordinating dances is probably the most important part of the job; and on top of the all the dances TNT already puts on, they’re deciding to put on another one.  Both Riah Grandpre, an active member of TNT, and Caitlin Chiller, the TNT advisor, think that Morp will be a good way of promoting student bonding and coming together to have fun.

According to Grandpre, Morp has never been done before. Since this is a new dance this year and its casual, there is a small budget for the dance. There was about $200-250 left over from formal that is going to be used for the Morp budget. The money will go towards buying decorations and to pay for a DJ, who will be Buddy Murphy. And to zero the balance, the revenue from tickets should equal expenses.

The dance is the same night as Senior Night of both basketball teams on February 16. The theme for the games and for the dance is fluorescent/glow in the dark and the dance will be held in the cafeteria of Park High School. Chiller hopes that people will just stay at the school after the games for the dance since they’re already decked out in their glow in the dark accessories; and there will be a 50% discount on the dance fee for students who stay for the games! Students who attend the games and want to bust a move at Morp  must pay a dollar; and students who don’t attend the games, but still want to get jiggy with it must pay two dollars.