My Thoughts On Senior Year

Henry Cornwall, Weather Man

“I believe senior year is the easiest year of high school.” said Generic High School Senior. 

All though; you are able to choose most of your classes, by now you should have a grasp of how to make it through high school, and not having to take the harder classes you might have had to your last three years of high school really takes the weight off your shoulders. Yes, this makes it easier for you to make it through the school year, but your senior year should be about more than just making it easy for you to pass and have a good GPA. 

Although I chose my senior year to fix my GPA, I can say it wasn’t worth it to wait until my senior year to get good grades. Besides this senior year is a very relaxing and laid-back year, not only for me but for many of my fellow classmates.  

My biggest worry about senior year is coming down with senioritis and failing, but if everything works out for me and my fellow classmates, there will be nothing to worry about.