Looking Out the Window With Henry

The weird winter weather has affected much of the country this year, from the mid-west being below zero to Montana having warm, almost spring like weather.  

In Montana we are in the mid 30’s to the high 40’s most of the winter. The roads being clearer is just one of the many benefits of having this weather. The main reasons for the weird weather are the EL Nino weather system and the Artic Vortex coming from Canada.  

The el Nino weather system brought warm air from the Pacific Ocean to the western united states, while the Artic Vortex brought colder air from the arctic circle, down through Canada into the Mid-West.  

These weather systems are so different from each other that the mid-west is getting Montana’s winter and we are getting northern California’s winter, warm but there is still going to be snow.

If you plan to travel to the mid-west this winter, blame Canada for the harsh winter conditions.