Early Grads

Peyton Murphy

For many students, it seems that high school lasts forever, and they can’t wait to get out into the real world. Well for some students at Park High, that reality is closer than others. This year we have a handful of seniors who are graduating early, including Brianna Watt and Lincoln Jeffery.

Brianna Watt is senior at Park High who is eager to get out into the world and enter the work force. Watt has had a nontraditional high school experience. Her junior year she spent an entire semester participating in a traveling school for girls where they hiked through jungles and mountains all while going through their regular school courses. They also participated in a home stay where she stayed in a home with a mother and seven siblings. She fought through cases of food poisoning harsh weather but was determined to continue. She returned to Park and finished her second semester here at home.

Watt said, “I want to work early so I can get more money for college. I have all of my credits, so I believe this is a better use of my time.” She has recently applied to the local establishment, Neptune’s Brewery. Although some who plan to work right after graduation and end up not searching for any work, Watt is determined to find a job suitable for her and earn as much as possible. “I believe I will follow through with this because I need the money for college,” she said. Watt has her sights set on the Rocky Mountain School of Photography to further her education once she has the necessary funds to do so.

Next Lincoln Jeffery has a different spin on reasoning behind an early graduation. Jeffery has two reasons behind his early graduation. Jeffery said: “I really don’t like the cold weather here. I just want to go someplace warm.”. In order to achieve his dream of living somewhere warmer Jeffery is taking his talents wherever his congregation, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, decides to send him. Jeffery, unlike many early graduates, is heading out early in order to start his two year long religious mission, but he is still waiting on a response as to where he will be sent but this information will hopefully find its way to him soon. On this mission Jeffery will be teaching the gospel and helping locals through charity work.

Both graduates are excited and eager to meet their future. And before you know it, the class of 2019 will be following shortly behind them to also face their futures.