Wisdom Teeth Removal

Lydia Colmey

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Wisdom Teeth Removal  

Wisdom teeth, are they full of common sense? Do you lose them intelligence when you lose your teeth? Nah. But, if you’re not careful, it can be crowding all your teeth and can cause pain. In your mature age, your teeth usually come in. That is why they are called wisdom teeth. They could cause a bunch of pain and infection, damage to other teeth. 

Many kids get their wisdom removed teeth during high school often over breaks, including the upcoming Christmas break.  The main reason why all of them removed their wisdom teeth was because of crowding. After the surgery, you must flush your teeth out well in the holes because you can get bad breath, but most importantly so you don’t get infections in your mouth.  

Hailey Shammel a junior in highschool said “I had to get my wisdom teeth out because it helped my locked jaw and the root of my tooth could hit a nerve which could screw up my face.”  

Does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth out? Most people say yes, but Azalea Vance and  Shammel said it did not hurt them. It’s very rare that it didn’t hurt them, because when you get them out, it causes swelling and pain. Then it takes time to heal, it can take a month or so to have the scabs go away in your mouth but can take many more months for the holes to go away. Bjorn Mattsson said he had multiple pieces of tooth fragments come out of the bottom holes. So, it hurt more when he got his wisdom teeth out.  

After recovering from oral surgery, you’re a little loopy because you are on conscious sedation, a gas that makes you sedated and not hurt as bad when you wake up. “I felt like a full-on chipmunk,” was Sylvie Schoenen’s first thought when she first woke up. There are many funny stories that happen you wake up from conscious sedation. Mattson explained his experience when he woke up after getting his wisdom teeth out. “When I first woke up everything just looked cool, so I told the nurse that. I then shook my head, she was like stop doing that bloods going everywhere. I of course stopped.”  

Some people, like Matthew Jacobsen said, “I have wisdom teeth grown in without any trouble”. Jacobsen has three wisdom teeth in and one final one coming in. The wisdom teeth are not causing any apparent damage; however, he might get them removed anyway. 

 Some people are very lucky and are born with no wisdom teeth. Zoe Glen and Alex Quihuis are some of the few lucky minority who that were born without wisdom teeth. According to LifeScience.com, 10-25 percent of the population are born without wisdom teeth.