The official movie poster for Venom, which released on October 5th, 2018

The official movie poster for Venom, which released on October 5th, 2018

“Venom”: Marvel great or a disgrace to the franchise?

November 6, 2018

Venom: One of the greatest Marvel movies of all time?

With its anti hero theme, Venom serves as a breath of fresh air in the Marvel cinematic universe.

The new Marvel movie “Venom” has received its more than fair share of flak from the critics. With scores all under 35 percent from critics, many thought that this would be another mediocre superhero movie. But, with approval scores as high as 88 percent from audiences, Venom has become October’s highest grossing opening weekend movie in the United States to date with a total of $80 million in its opening weekend.

Ok. Venom broke a bunch of records. But how was the movie? The creepy crawly Symbiote “Venom,” not only plays the role of anti hero butt kicker, but he becomes Eddie Brock’s best friend and best wing man. Imagine the best friend you never had. The kind of friend that knows EXACTLY everything you’re thinking. A friend that talks you up. A friend that gives you the ability to scale thirty story buildings. Who doesn’t want that friend?

The balance between butt kicking and personal interactions with Venom and his experience with Earth tie the movie together with elements of action, romance, suspense and it’s all perfectly lined with the perfect amount of well thought out comedy.

Although it does stray away from the comic book series, which many people and critics are angry about, Venom provides a new and refreshing take on most superhero movies. The few weak spots in the movie are minor enough so they don’t take away from the movie, leaving Venom as one of the best Marvel movies to date.

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    Venom: the worst Marvel movie ever made.

    The movie is about a symbiote (an alien life form combines itself with other hosts) that named Venom who becomes one with a reporter Eddie Brock. The casting of the movie with Tom Hardey as Eddie Brock/Venom was a good choice. The plot on the other hand was terrible. The plot in no way followed the comics whatsoever and ruined the character’s unique self and origin.

    At the beginning, Venom did not come to earth on a space ship. He came on a meteor. And he did not get experimented on by the Life Foundation right away. He latched on to Peter Parker/ Spider-Man until he took off the suit forcefully and then it latched on to Eddie Brock, and the fact that Venom’s appearance had no spider emblem or did not even use the symbiotes webs at all.
    Now I know if you make a Venom movie without Spider-Man it’s going to be different, but it does not excuse the fact that they had to change the whole plot.

    The villain in the movie was Riot. In the comics, Riot in fact is Venom’s cousin and is good friends with him. The movie lacked an excitement because there were not many action scenes. It was mostly dialogue and drama. It was in the end of the movie when Venom had fight scenes and action. The rest was a lot of talking.

    The one big rule that was broken was the rule of WE. When a symbiote and a host become one they only refer themselves as we at all costs. However, Sony Inc. did try their best on a movie of a beloved character, even if the movie was terrible.

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