Coach Chapman showing students how to score goals

Kirk Chapman, one of the new assistant soccer coaches for Park High, joined the team in late August. He primarily was the goalkeeper coach and spent most of his practice time training the keepers and giving them advice. While coaching another recreational team during the season, there was some days where Kirk Chapman had to coach Park High soccer and recreational league soccer. He also played as the lead coach for the U-19 spring soccer team these past few years and is possibly looking to do so again this year.

Chapman played a major role as assistant coach for the Park High soccer team. His sense of humor helped build a bond between him and the team and gave them relief if they were upset. As the season came to an end, Chapman and the other coaches were very proud of the Park High soccer team and had felt that they had played their hearts out. He called the end of the season “a bittersweet end,” referring to the majority of the players who were seniors, playing their last season of Park High soccer.

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