FFA week takes Park High by the horns.

Matt Lance


FFA, formerly known as “Future Farmers of America”, is a huge part of Park High. After all, a lot of the town’s population lives in Paradise Valley or somewhere else outside of town. Animals and agriculture is a huge part of their lives.

FFA isn’t just for farmers and ranchers anymore; they offer a wide variety of things you can participate in like technology and the “Live to serve” program where you go around and can help the community. Anyone can be a part of the FFA team.

Considering it is a huge part of the school, what better way to give it credit then to dedicate an entire week to it. February 25-28 was FFA week at Park High. Every day of the week was a different dress-up day. Not only do we get to dress up like we know how to work a cow, but we also get to take place in their annual assembly.

“The assembly is used to bring awareness to FFA so students have an idea what they can do if they join”, stated senior FFA member Kodie Booth.