Those flocking geese

Those flocking geese

Lukas Ridgeway



Imagine this. You wake up in the morning, and you start getting ready for school. As you finish eating your breakfast, you realize that your 5 minutes behind your usual schedule. While you shovel down the rest of your food, you hop into your car and start driving. Your everyday route to the school is through the park. It is your fastest way to get to school, especially if you’re running late. Looking at the clock, you realize that its 8:02. Already driving on the bend around the park, you think to yourself that you’ve timed your departure perfectly, showing up to your first period just before the bell will ring, but wait a second. As you look ahead you see about 50 grey specks littered across the road… the geese.

A lot of people who live in the north side part of Livingston complain about the trains coming through in the “morning rush hour”. A lot of them blame the train on making them late for work, school, etc., but there is far worse problem than the horrid train. Only a small number of people have experienced the real roadblock that is far more frustrating than the train. These pesky and lousy birds, known as geese, find that the hard pavement, which people drive on to get to school, is the most comfortable place to rest on an early morning. Maybe they’re doing this on purpose? Maybe not. But all I know is that Livingston has a problem. For me, personally, it is physically impossible to get myself out of bed early, and if Park High is expecting me to show up to school on time, the geese need to go.

I am a firm believer that these “Canadian” geese don’t have the right to live and settle on U.S. soil. In Montana today, Canadian geese have the right to fly into our land without anyone batting an eye. These geese come from Canada to just sit around and do nothing, while us hard working people, trying to get an education, are stuck in a standstill at the park surrounded by these dumb birds. I think that trump has the whole wall thing backwards and that we need to focus our security on our norther border, instead of our southern Mexico border.

If nothing is done about this the goose problem it is only going to get worse… Next year, I am hoping to create a bill as of where any geese living in Livingston’s Sacajawea Park illegally will be deported back to Canada. Everyone who votes for my bill will also be required to donate $100 into a fund to build up our defenses on the northern border…